Pupil Premium

Stalham Community Infant and Pre School
Pupil Premium Grant Report 2015 - 2016
Number of pupils and Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) received
Total number of pupils on role
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG
Amount PPG received per pupil
Total amount of PPG received
Summary of PPG spending 2015/16
Objectives of spending PPG:
Accelerate progress;
     aim for all KS1 pupils to make at least 12 AP progress in Years 1 and 2 and close the attainment of pupils compared to national data;
     Floor standards at the end of KS1 are achieved.
     Intervention groups across the school are effective and accelerate learning
Record of PPG spending by item/project 2015/16
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Extra support for 1-1 potentially disruptive and aggressive child
     To ensure that pupils progress is effective and value for money.
     Floor standards at the end of key stage 1 are achieved.
     Low level disruption avoided by providing 1-1 support during some lessons
     All pupils have made significant progress and gaps have been met in all identified underachievers.
     Results in line with national expectations
     Support has enabled very vulnerable child to reach potential and low level disruption has been avoided.
Maths Whizz
     Intervention group
     Gaps narrowed and areas of difficulties identified ready for transfer to Academy.
     Intervention group
     Effective improvement made .No pupils now receiving speech therapy.
SEN support in reception classroom
SEN support at key stage 1
     Complex needs child and behaviour support
     Intervention groups are effectively supported in very large class.
     Self esteem of pupils maintained leading to greater concentration. All pupils have made good –very good progress and have stayed on track.
     At key stage 1 pupils remain focused and areas of need identified swiftly. These Y1 pupils will receive extra support as required next year when in y 2. Those transferring to Academy receive extra transition in preparation.
LAC pupil
·         1-1PT support
·         Significant achievement despite barriers. Has received ‘Time for you’ support as well as in class individual and group work interventions.
EAL pupils
     Support for selective mute pupil
     Extremely good progress made with all expectations met.